CCM will always put God first in everything.

We make sure counseling is offered to every sexually abused child, no matter race, religion or ability to pay. CCM will always pay the cost if needed.

Interviews at home are an important part of CCM. We visit the home unannounced for up to three months.

CCM, at the child victim’s home, will inspect the living quality of the family and home. We then offer counseling to the entire family not just the child.

Upon the inspection at CCM, we provide clothes, furniture, cleaning, food, grass cutting, home repairs, financial counseling. In other words, we stabilize the whole family to control the insanity that has happened to the child. In our experience, if you do not do this, the hurting inside any other family member can destroy the whole family. In too many cases this leads to divorce and in some cases even suicide. This I have seen firsthand in fathers, thinking they have failed their child. Even a policeman is in that group.

After counseling, CCM offers the family a picnic on Anclote Key, an island five miles off our coast. We hope they remember this trip instead of being raped.

CCM does all the above for battered women when the county gives them a safe house. The county is required by law to provide a bed before they can relocate. We have seen too many times that is all they provide. In one case, from 150 miles away, a mother and five children relocated to our county. They received two beds and four towels, absolutely nothing else, not even a sheet. We were called in two weeks later and completely furnished the home. I mean everything they needed they received.

CCM, with God always providing, helps all needy ones that are sent to us. We have had five children show up at my home in one day. All five had been molested. We have had adult victims come to our home, a police officer has shown up after his daughter was raped. We help all.