I am also trying to receive a 3/4 or one ton truck with four wheel drive. My 1/2 ton has helped us move 200 tons of cars, boats, trailers and junk from a junkyard I bought to build the safe house on. My truck is worn-out and keeps getting stuck-up in the sand here in Hudson, Florida.

1. My charity is building a camp/safe house for sexually abused children. I’m doing all the work with volunteers, one week I got stuck up 4 times working on the land that was .almost, donated. It was a junk yard and my truck has moved 200 tons off the property. My truck has 180,000 miles on it and is ready to die. I must have a truck to continue this work.

2. Also I deliver and pick up furniture donations, these are not sold but I deliver them to the needed at no cost, sometimes a whole house full of furniture, up to 15 families per week. I do benevolence work for First Christian Church; St Vincent DePaul Catholic and Calvary Chapel Worship Center, Pasco County women shelters and Pasco County Family Services.

3. I work on houses for the handicapped and elderly. In one recent month I had two elderly, crippled families that I took as many as 31 volunteers to them and remodeled their houses, both floors had caved in, and one man had no legs, just nubs. I also move people being evicted or for benevolence.

4. Also; during hurricanes, I travel from shelter to shelter providing emergency supplies. After storms I help with clearing access to shelters to gain entry. I work before, after and during emergency storms providing transportation to the needy to shelters.

I provide for those who are in need.

Rev. Wm. Rusty Boles, Jr. Holiday, Florida

cell 727/247-2561

Federally approved 501c3, State Certified Charity #85-80132639160-4