We must all lean on Christ for our strength. We must show the children to try not to carry their pain alone… give it to Christ







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… He never hesitates to provide the necessary service … He always has a smile and a set of good natured words with the Thrift Store’s personnel. In today’s materialistic world, it is very gratifying to have an individual such as Rusty to be a go-between for the Thrift Store and those people in need of assistance.
George A. Montgomery, Chairman of the Thrift Store
I can’t thank you enough for the kindness that you showed to me just when I needed it most. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity in time and effort that you put into helping me in my time of need. …because of your expertise, your advice and your suggestions, you made it all work.
Alice Nystrom
I felt guilty accepting such a huge gift, but they made me feel better by saying it was a blessing for them to do this for us. People like Rusty & Linda are very rare in this world! Because of them we no longer have the stress each month…
Linda Martin

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